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  3. Monday, 02 January 2017
Hello! I'm Vito Juliano from Indonesia. I just buy YAMAHA MOXF 8. Before i buy YAMAHA MOXF 8, i used YAMAHA DGX 650. In DGX 650 i really easy to move my song recording to flashdisk and when i move the flashdisk to computer, there's a wav. file. But now, i want to do the same thing in YAMAHA MOXF 8. Is MOXF 8 can do the same thing like i do in DGX 650? If you know, can you help me how to do that? Thankyou! please help me.. :(
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Bad Mister
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No. It does not do it the same way. You do NOT use the flashdisk. You connect the MOXF directly to the computer via a USB cable.

Here is what you need:
A standard USB cable
The Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for your computer (Mac or Windows PC)
Software capable of using an ASIO driver, like Cubase AI which comes with the MOXF8.

Alternately, you can connect the MOXF8 directly to an iPad/iPhone with appropriate USB-to-Lightning adapter and a recording app like, Yamaha Cloud Recorder.

The MOXF being a synthesizer + music production keyboard, you can build your sounds, and your musical compositions on board, then record the finished product as audio directly to a connected computer/laptop or iOS device. The MOXF features a built-in 4-in/2-out audio interface for your computer... meaning you can record via dual stereo outputs from the keyboard to the computer. If you simply want to create a .wav file, simply connect the MOXF to your application and record. But additionally you can build multi-Track recordings, overdubbing vocals and other instruments - the A/D Input on the MOXF allows you record external Microphone or Line level sources to the computer via its own discreet audio bus.

The MOXF is more sophisticated and allows you several more options.
Here is a basic guide for audio recording:

MOXF Basic Audio Recording
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What is standard usb cable? Is that same with midi cable? Can you take picture a standard usb cable?? Sorry if i disturbing youu.. btw thanks for answering me! :)
Bad Mister
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The MOXF comes with a USB cable in the box.
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