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  1. Bob
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  3. Friday, 16 February 2018
Hello - Some of you have seen me mention this in other forum posts, but I wanted to get an idea if there would be any real interest in having a hardware patch bank for live patch changing on the Reface CS. While sound mondo is great, I'm not a fan of using (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) in live performance. I prefer hardware buttons that are easy to touch. I have narrowed it down to two possibilities:

1. A small read only device, with 32 - 64 patches (still working out device memory limitations) that works via standard midi out and uses a 5V power supply. Would have two buttons and a very simple scrolling matrix display. Could be a general bank of pads, leads, basses etc. - or would could have different versions, similar to the ROM Cards of the 80's and 90's While it would be possible to have your own sounds burned onto the device, it's a fairly cumbersome process. For those that want it, it could be done, but would add a good deal of expense. Cost: @$70

2.A USB based device that would allow for saving your own patches directly and recalling them. This is a much larger undertaking, but would be a fairly small box with a USB jack, buttons, a small (40 Char?) display, and a 5V power supply. While this could come with patches as well, the main focus is making and storing your own. Cost: $120

While I want option 2, thinking option 1 could turn out to be more viable if done correctly. Especially if I can get the costs down a little lower. I don't really know how many Reface CS's are out there, so it could be the entire thing is a waste of time. What do you think, folks? Thanks!
  Live Patch Changing For Reface CS
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In my opinion Option 1 would be rather useless given the price

Option 2 would be more interesting, if usability is not limited to the Reface. It should work with all devices that have USB-MIDI in/out SysEx capability.

I would prefer an option 3: A general purpose MIDI sysex dump in/out hardware device that has both USB ánd MIDI connectors. But that will be more expensive and bigger. So I probably wouldn't buy that either. I'll stick with my Android phone and the Syx-Lib app.
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Hi Martin!

Thanks for the response. Hope you have been doing well. I disagree in that I think option 1 would be quite useful, as it would allow me to gig with a good patch set, but agree in that it would have a much better value appeal if it cost less. If I could make some kind of tool where people could upload their own patches possibly.

I like your option 3, and have thought about that as well, but then I'm into much more complicated territory.

It seems most likely I will just make something for myself, as I don't see people spending $100+ dollars to add patch memory to a $400 keyboard. Oh well, I can still have my own dreams, even if they are impractical.

Your dialogue and interaction are much appreciated. See you around the forum!
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