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  3. Sunday, 06 June 2021
I have a Reface DX and until a few days back I was able to use Soundmondo. When I log in now, I see that my Reface is connected, but somehow I do not see the "Gear" icon next to the search field in Soundmondo. Also the Sync button is disabled, although I have MIDI enabled in Chrome.
I use Chrome on a Win10 PC, and I have the latest version of both Chrome and the Yamaha drivers. Also, when I open Soundmondo in Safari on my iPhone, the Gear icon does become visible and I can see my favorite sounds I saved earlier this week. I'd say that rules out the possibility that there is something wrong with my account, it smells like a bug on the SOundmondo website. Please tell me what I can do to solve this, as I find it somewhat disturbing that all of a sudden it does not work anymore....
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Could be a change on the Soundmondo side as they try to roll in some fixes - but it could equally also be a change in the Chrome browser that's updated a security policy or some such thing. I notice in your picture you're not signed in - so that's a problem. It's very possible you can't sign in. That'd have to be sorted first before I start suspecting the other issue that Montage/MODX has with multiple driver instances. I'm not sure reface does this or not.

For the login problem: the only things I currently know that I've applied to my own browser (because I've seen this behavior before and am not sure which fixed it) is

1) Not to use incognito mode (I don't see that you are)
2) Type this in chrome's address bar - the place where you usually put in the soundmondo site - then press return:


Select Disabled.

If it's the driver issue - which I'm not suspecting here because I see you're not logged in - this is fixed for Montage/Montage by unplugging your keyboard from USB, uninstalling the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver, rebooting, reinstalling the driver, rebooting again, and last plugging in the keyboard back. There are possible redundant reboots there for the sake of paranoia.
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It has been fixed. Yamaha Soundmondo has been out for maintenance, and since 2 days I can log in again and transfer sounds to my Reface DX :). Thanks for your replies
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