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  1. Kenneth
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Wednesday, 15 January 2020
Hi. I love my Montage. I've done some snorkeling. I've done some deep dives. Now it's time to ask about some of the fish I've encountered ;-)

What are some best-practices for "Gain Stage" planning in the Montage?

In general when mixing within any audio system, we need to ensure that levels are appropriate in each stage of the system so that the subsequent stages (effects, total performance mix etc) operate optimally with adequate headroom. The Montage/MODX has many settings for Level/Volume within Elements/Operators, Parts and Performances, Effects and other places as well. Do guidelines exist to help keep all of these level adjustments within optimal range at each stage while building performances?

Also specifically regarding the Audio-Level Meters on each Part in the Performance Screen, what is the significance of the point where the meter changes from green to yellow? Is this calibrated to a specific db level?

The goals here are to keep performance levels high enough without getting into clipping/distortion "inside" the performance and to drive the built-in effects as close to the "sweet-spot" level as is practical.

For reference I'm using a Montage-7, OS 3.0.

Thank you in advance!
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