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  4. Sunday, 15 April 2018
What Nimrod took away the Edit Function for posts?
The forum was bad enough. Without disabling it even more.
The Spell check only works 75% of the time. So this is a major inconvenience.
My Brain Is alway ahead of my typing skills. So I alway have to go back and Straighten out my post.
Otherwise. It looks Dyslexic.!
The other part of this new post problem. As You write. You can no longer see. Your entire post!!!
WTH? Why are you implementing . Things that are Going backwards in time.
And where is The Subject Line?
This is all very screwy!
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Because I can not edit the post.
It has a question. That needs to be deleted. As I found The Subject Line When I submitted the post.
You see How even the Simplest Thing. Still needs the Edit function!

None of this makes any sense!
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Two steps forward, one step back (or more depending on your perspective). The limited number of lines for editing is too aggressive. Before, there was a "huge" area between the edit window and the "reply" button - so I had to scroll "forever" to get down to the "REPLY" button on my mobile device. Not sure if that's any better now - but certainly the fact we can only see (almost) two full lines while editing a message is a very poor user experience. There's still a gap between the last line and the "REPLY" button. I would strive for the full window under "Submit Your Response" to be usable for entering text. And probably 15-20 lines worth of text showing at any given time.

For all the complaints about the message board - the ability to edit/revise/"alter history" in your own messages was not something that garnered complaints. Taking that away seems to have stirred some negative feedback. I think if adding back the ability to edit a message - like other forums - some indication of "last edited #/#/#### @ HH:MM:SS" message should show up so you can see history was recently altered.
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Site enhancements/ changes are still underway. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

The editing tools will be in the new forum once complete.

Amy - Community Coordinator
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And are you also working on SoundMondo? Somehow it's getting worse and worse and more and more people are switching to third party software instead of sharing their patches with the community. It's also mentioned as a feature in promotional material, so you kind of owe it to your customers to at least make it somewhat usable for most people.
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Bad Mister
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Yes, there are a lot of changes going on... please pardon the under construction feel to all the related sites... from what I was able to find out, they are aware of the issues and are working on things behind the scenes. Outgrowing the old digs and moving things - not my area but I’ve seen a glimpse of what it takes, and I’ll stick with working the complexities of synthesis over reconstructing websites (I’m just glad there are others doing it) please be patient and things will evolve... thanks for your patience.
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