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  1. Rick
  3. Sunday, 19 March 2017
Hey all, I am not much a a synth patch programmer, but I am forced to with some of the new songs my band is playing. We are doing an Arena Rock Tribute and you can probably tell there are a lot of interesting synth patches in my near future :D

I have a Motif XF7, MO8, and a Mac with countless synth engines at my disposal (Using Mainstage 3 as a midi controller--mostly patch management)

My first thought is to program the XF7 natively to bring the seemingly simple apreggio at the beginning of Long, Long way from Home (Foreigner). I would rather it be a sweeping patch instead of having to use the mod wheel to adjust the resonance, but either would work. It is a fast arp, so I am sure it is like 1/16 notes or more to create the arp.

So the question actually is, what base sound would be good for this arp and how to configure it in the XF7. OR is it better to play with the Logic Pro X sounds (and added synth engines) to try to duplicate the base sound.

What was originally used to create the sound (by the band)....I know, soooo many questions...I hope somebody has a good answer! ;)

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Rick, Regarding the proper bass sound. For me Hybrid Bass 1 which is Pre 3 C16 seems to work the best. Hope this helps.
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