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  4. Sunday, 19 February 2017
Part of the lure of the Montage was the assumption (via promotional adverts) that the Montage board possessed significant processing power, enabled up to 16 simultaneous instances of individual audio performances routed to your DAW of choice and that actual sound design would be greatly enhanced (easier more intuitive) due to its PC/hybrid nature set up.

Below is a YouTube synth sound design video featuring an example of a VST that cost approximately £300. The video depicts a guy designing quite a novel sound with all of the various modulation assignments, in roughly 20 minutes. The result is a decent sound, not ground breaking but the type I think (or should be) capable of reproduction on the Montage. I personally don’t know how to do it. I am not sure if many owners of the Montage do. I would humbly suggest that the more Yamaha Montage owners who can create sounds such as the one on the YouTube link below would the greater measure of a hardware synths ease of usability. Ease of usability is significantly correlated to satisfaction. Satisfaction is positively correlated to various favourable outcomes in the business world including favourable reviews/recommendations and of course good reviews and recommendations typically translate to the all-important business end goal of increased sales.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who could perhaps create a similar sound on the Montage and importantly video capture their working method and then post to here/ YouTube? Or alternatively, perhaps Yamaha themselves would be willing to release some sound design videos where their own specialists, specifically emulate these modern (multi source modulation) and of course some classic sounds demonstrating visually, the Yamaha suggested approach to sound design on the Montage.

I can't help thinking that the above (or at least some of it) would be really useful.

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