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  3. Friday, 24 June 2016
I'm thinking of getting an FC7 and an FC5 to use with my MOXF8. I already use an FC3A for sustain.

The main reason I want the FC7 is for volume control, the FC5 to use for sostenuto.

I have some questions though, regarding what takes priority when these are being used in different ways.

Let's take this scenario:

I connect the FC7 to the FOOT CONTROLLER jack, enter the UTILITY mode and set FC1 to 07 Volume.

I connect the FC5 to the FOOT SWITCH [ASSIGNBALE] jack, enter UTILITY mode and set FT SW to Sostenuto.

But let's say I want to use either or both of these pedals to perform a different function in, for example, a Voice or Performance?

For example, using the FC5 to switch a Part on/off in a Performance and the FC7 to control Expression of a Part in a Performance?

What happens in these situations?

Does the setting for these pedals configured for a Voice, Performance, etc apply and over-ride the global settings in the Utility mode?

I'm assuming (horrible word I know) the answer is yes, but can anyone confirm?
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Bad Mister
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No, your selection of pedal functions is global on the MOXF. If you set the FS to sustenuto, it will be that on all Voices and Performances, and if change the FOOT CONTROLLER to cc007, it remains that for all Voices and Performances.
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OK, thanks for the clarification Bad Mister!

Presumably I'll still be able to control whether the settings for the global Utility FC1/FS functions are set to on or off, for example,in the parameter settings of a Performance Part?

So for example, let's say I assign FC1 on the MOXF to cc007 (Volume) in the Utility mode, with the FC7 pedal connected to the FOOT CONTROLLER jack.

I then create a Performance layer consisting of a piano Voice and a strings Voice but I want to be able to use the FC7 to control the volume of just the strings Voice in that Performance layer.

Can this be done?

Looking at the MOXF reference manual I think the answer is yes, but I will defer to your superior knowledge :)
Bad Mister
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The answer is no. There is an important difference between cc007 "Main Channel Volume" and cc011 (the default, for good reason) "Expression".

Everything on the MIDI channel will be forced to the same absolute Volume when you use cc007
Each Part on the MIDI channel will remain proportional to each other if you opt to use cc011 Expression.

Additionally, on the MOXF you have an option that allows each Part to respond or not respond to Expression. The word was chosen (among many they could have chosen) to indicate that this is your performing volume, the one you would use as a musician to evoke musical expression from a sound.

Main channel Volume (cc007) is more like the fader on the band's mixer. The sound engineer can turn everything up or down that's on that particular channel as to its overall volume, but it is different from a performer swelling the string sound versus the layered piano sound..

If the piano and strings are layered on the same channel, say the piano is louder than the strings because musically that's what works in this song, the least flexible way to control these would be cc007... It would immediately, upon you moving it force both piano and strings to an equal volume, and then it would adjust them together.

Meanwhile, cc011 Expression would allow them both to change, but remain in musical proportion to each other volume-wise... The piano would always remain louder than the strings and maintain that relationship throughout.

Additionally, if you want to control just the string volume in this layer, you could OPT OUT, by setting the piano to ignore (not receive) the Expression pedal movement.

If you try to use cc007, I'm afraid both sounds will always jump to the exact same value and be locked at the hip you can't ignore (not receive) Main channel Volume. The names kind of indicate this.

One is musical - a musicians control
The other is technical - an engineer's control.

Make sense? Hope that helps. You can see why the FC1 defaults to Expression, not Main channel Volume. The MOXF has a knob parameter in MIXING mode that sends cc007 - the sixteen Parts each contribute to the MIXER, the volume control on that mixing console view are cc007. The engineer works the mixer's controls. cc011 is not on the mixer, it's under the musician's control.
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