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  1. Dave
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Wednesday, 29 June 2016
Have the sustain pedal plugged in to "sustain" and a fc7 control pedal plugged into foot controller 2. Is this the right one to actuate the super control knob?
On some of the live sets, when I change scenes it takes a few front to back presses on the pedal to get actual control of the knob.
Doesn't happen with every scene or live set but enough to be of concern. i.e. AP/EP/PD strings switching from scene 7 to 6 and back theres a very noticeable hesitation maybe 1.5 to 2 seconds of heel toe pressing before the knob actually moves???
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I'm using a brand new FC7 if that makes any difference. You do have to reengage the SK by passing the reset position so if you don't go back to that starting point it will not engage. Once engaged mine moves rapidly.
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that was it david. you have to go back and "catch" it to engage it. you seem like you have this thing understood.
can I email you or call you for a few tips? No way BM is going to let me call him.....lol
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