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  4. Friday, 16 October 2020
I have earlier feedback that links are hard to see in the forum. This is because http/https links inside forum messages (and articles, and everything else) are not underlined and the text was not obviously different enough to "jump out" that certain content was a link.

Fast-forward to around today - the forum fonts have changed again. I do like the new fonts - less compressed than one of the previous standard fonts. However, now links are even closer in look/feel to non-link text. In fact, I can hardly tell the difference.


There is a link buried in this message but it's difficult to tell which is which.

Content from Yamaha with links will be very needle-in-the-haystack to find a link when handled as the above example (and it does happen).

Hint: "but it's difficult" is the link.

While I'm here, I'll see if inadvertent smiles still happen (like "this";).

... not fixed. Still need to place spaces after quote (" ) followed by close-parenthesis. " <space> )
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