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  4. Tuesday, 29 August 2017
Hi all,
I search books and articles that are helpful to dive deeper into the FM-Synthesis. The books and articles must have a good explanation to understand how it works.
I read the Music Prodution Guide. learning something how the Montage is working with FM.
I know that Peter Krischker wrote years ago a book using the dX7, Is there an online version of that book.
And does someone know good stuff as audio well?
Thanks for help
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Hi Rainer,

I wrote the FM-X Guide series in the Music Production Guide, but never a book about DX7.
Maybe you mean Peter Gorges? He wrote a very important DX7 book in german language.
As far as I know it is nor more available.

Peter Krischker
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Hi, for starting to learn with FM-X, read the 4 great article's write by Bad Mister, they contain example performances in Montage Connect file format to try and understand :

FM-X 1

FM-X 2

FM-X 3

FM-X 4

It's a good way to start ;)
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First of all,
thanks for all Your inputs. The Bad Mister FMX explanation I read and test it days ago.
The other ones I will read in the next few days.
My problem as a blind user is, that I must know what I have done. And a good idea is to start with an initial FMX and bring up all parameters to know how it works.
Momentary it's very tricky to do that, but I hope that John Melas will built great Montage tools as well as for the Motif series. They ar all accessible for blind an partial sighted persons.
I'M sorry, but I forgot the lastname of the other Peter. :-)
All the best
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