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  3. Friday, 01 November 2019
I have a strange bug (?) with this foot controller (FC-7 from Yamana) controlling the volume of a CP88 (and I suspect it's the case for other foot controllers as well), that every time I switch the sound the volume will go to maximum initially, instead of following the foot controller position. My firmware version is V1.20. It was worse with V1.10 and I had to manually reset the volume to maximum and come down to a desired level after that for the system to work properly after switching sound.
Is this normal? Anyone else has this issue?
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Bad Mister
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Here’s what’s in play... and how it works. Nothing in the update affected this feature.

Press [MENU] > select “General” > select “MIDI Settings” > select “Controller Reset” > the default is RESET (which causes all pre-set Volumes to be recalled; whether that is maximum or not depends on what was stored). If you would rather your FC7 be live, set the “Controller Reset” = HOLD

Now when you recall a Live Set program the Volume will always reflect the position of your FC7.

It’s a feature! Now that you have set your Preference for the behavior of your Controllers, it will remain like this. Let us know.
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Thank you Bad Mister. I will give this a try this weekend.
Do you know when the next update will be available? I can't find this information from Yamaha's website.
With the V1.20, I still don't like the available basses. The E.Bass is probably the most useful for me being the 2nd keyboardist and the sound is often too harsh, like the bass player plucking the strings too hard.
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