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  1. Nathan
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Wednesday, 09 November 2016
Some of you know that I had been fighting a losing battle - within attempts to develop a working relationship with my MotifXF/FW16e and laptop. It has turned out to be (very likely) that it had nothing to do with me - or the FW16e, but (rather) with a non-compatible FireWire card in my laptop. And this brings me to my very important question:

Is it possible to get an external sound card for a laptop? If so, could someone recommend one which could be effectively integrated with my FW16e?

Advanced thanks,
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Hi Nathan

Nothing is really going to replace the FW16E from a functional perspective. Unfortunately a lot of PC makers put poor quality firewire cards in their machines. I have had several firewire audio interfaces with very few issues because I've always run them into Macs. So I would say that any firewire card is a non-starter for you so you'd have to be looking at USB cards and then at best you're going to get 6 outs from the motif (L/R, Assign L/R and spdif) and two returns via the line ins.

Some other alternatives are :-

1. If you have a PCI/express slot you could get a PCI/firewire expansion card from SIIG here http://www.siig.com/it-products/firewire/firewire-400/expresscard.html
2. Get a Mac with a thunderbolt to firewire converter. This is what I'm running currently with the FW16E with no issues.
3. Sell the Motif and get a Montage which has this functionality running over USB.

Good luck !
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Bad Mister
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I believe you are in the USA, if so, please call Yamaha Customer Support. They will get you up and running 714.522.9000
The way Yamaha Customer Support works for customers in the US is: you get a human being to answer the phone, if they are occupied with other support calls they will take your name and number and call you back. So the support call is on Yamaha. Please suffer only if you enjoy not getting it to work. Call and they will open a case and work with you until you are up and running.

They are in California so call Monday- Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:00PM Pacific Time, except Wednesday's where the hours are 8:30AM to 4:00PM Pacific Time.

If i recall your issue is with the FW port on your computer... is that right?

Please let me know...
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Yes, I have a PCI/Express slot in my laptop, and that was the route i was aiming to travel down. I can't afford another computer, right now, but can guarantee that WHEN I am able to get another, it WILL be a Mac. And it won't be a laptop, either.


Yes, I live in the States. I will do as you say, and give Yamaha support a call. You are right, about my issue having to do with the FireWire card in my laptop. Actually, I am assuming that this is the case, since the process of elimination has ruled out everything else.
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