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  1. Gavin
  2. MOXF
  3. Friday, 19 December 2014
As a matter of fact, im loading GM files of all types and it seems no drums, I need to load the VST editor and change the drums, if i stop and start the midi file sometimes it goes back to piano again....

also most of the instruments are wrong in quite a few midi files i've tried so far on the MOXF6 - I was wanting to play some synth classics such as bladerunner, chariots of fire, crockets theme etc, and some jarre but all the sounds are not picking up correctly. they should be standard midi files I guess, I did own a roland before and that played with no issues at all.....I do understand not all general midi files are standard but this is really annoying having to tweak all these midi files I have. any pointers please?
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Bad Mister
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Not only are not all MIDI Files GM Files, not all are properly prepared. Reason: a properly prepared GM file has a RESET command at the very beginning that prepares the receiving device for the setup data. A lazy author neglects to put the full BANK SELECT and PROGRAM CHANGE information in the front of each track, because the device they prepared it on only has a GM sound set, and therefore can only place drums on track 10. Well, the Yamaha synths do not necessarily have to have drums on 10, if you don't want, and therefore require the proper full Bank Select and Program Change command, not just the Program Change. The file improperly recalls the first sound in the GM Normal Bank (piano) instead of the first sound in the GM Drum Bank (Drum Kit) - because the all important *Bank Select* portion of the message was not included. You could correct the file... (you should also make the person selling the files aware that the files do not behave properly).

You have 3 options:
1) You could insert the GM Reset command at the top of the file
See article referenced below for details


2) Correct your MIDI FILE by inserting the Bank Select and Program Change,
See article referenced below for details


3) Do the GM RESET manually before playing the file
Press [SONG]
Press [MIXING]
Press [JOB]
Press [F1] INIT
Select GM by marking the box
Press [ENTER] to execute.

Please see the following article on properly prepared GM File... It includes a zipped download of an example of a properly prepared GM File (unzip and test on your MOXF)

Working With and Creating Proper GM Files
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