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  3. Tuesday, 13 June 2017
Hola a todos.
1. Se puede crear "estilos" en el Montaje igual que en el Tyros?
2. Se puede usar las escenas para hacer los intros, redobles de tambores y similares, adornos, como en el Tyros?
3. De ser posible, cómo se hace?
Muchas gracias.
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Hello everyone.
1. Can you create "styles" in the Assembly just like in the Tyros?
2. Can you use the scenes to make the intros, drum rolls and the like, ornaments, as in the Tyros?
3. If possible, how is it done?
Thank you very much.

Montage has ARPs. These are not the same as styles in Tyros - because Montage's ARPs do not offer the same automation that Styles do. You can make ARPs with drum rolls and ornamentation - but you'll have to manually both enter and exit the ARP which plays these ornaments. Intros are longer passages - so you could perhaps program an ARP which covers an intro and perhaps have a bass play fixed notes or other instruments. The full capabilities of Tyros are not in Montage because Montage is not an arranger keyboard while Tyros is.

Scenes are best for changing the "feel" and not well suited for fills although you could have a scene change the ARP to a "fill" type ARP - you're going to have to press a different scene button fairly quickly to stop playing the "fill" ARP and go back to a "groove".

Keep in mind beyond not having arranger features - the Montage also does not have a sequencer. So depending on what you're trying to do - you're going to need to consider if you have the correct tool for the job at hand.
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Muchas gracias por su respuesta, Jason.
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