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I am a newer Motif XF user and am considering getting the expandable Yamaha FireWire card. However, I also use an Apogee FireWire Duet as an interface and I received an email from Apogee stating:

"Apogee has included OS X 10.11 in its list of supported operating systems for its products’ that use Thunderbolt and USB. Unfortunately, Apogee’s FireWire interfaces can no longer be supported due to Apple’s decision to cease development of its FireWire Core Audio Driver. This doesn’t mean they won’t work, just the Apogee will not offer support if they don’t work. If you choose to upgrade and are using one of Apogee’s interfaces, you will be doing so on your own accord (you likely received an e-mail from Apogee with this information)."

Will Apple"s decision to stop developing their FireWire Core Audio Driver affect Yamaha's ability to offer continued updates/support to their own FireWire driver?

Would using a Thunderbolt adapter be a way to circumvent this potential problem?

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Bad Mister
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Would using a Thunderbolt adapter be a way to circumvent this potential problem?
Exactly. The Thunderbolt to FW adapter solves the issue completely for the Motif XS/XF.

The Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver is already rocking with El Capitan. And is fully supported by Yamaha.

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