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  4. Saturday, 10 June 2017
On MoXF8: I recorded a Performance, [Arp Duo] which uses heavy effects, into a Pattern. The new Pattern has the same Effects and goes to ALL the tracks. I want to record additional Pattern tracks, but without the reverb & delay effects. I tried the Mixing mode & changing the new track to a zero Reverb Send, but that didn't work.
Is any of this possible (or make sense)?
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Bad Mister
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The Effect setup on the PERFORMANCE "Arp Duo" is quite complex.

The first thing you need to differentiate is which Effects belong to the VOICE in PARTs 1, 2, 3 and 4 and which Effects are shared by all the PARTs together.
Here's what I mean. Each of the four PARTS has a VOICE, that VOICE has its own (personal) dual Insertion Effects. I refer to them as personal because they are programmed as apart of the VOICE itself. They go with the VOICES and the routing to them is decided on a per ELEMENT basis.

The PERFORMANCE itself has two Effects called the REVERB and the CHORUS. each of the four PARTS has an AUX-like Send amount control to these 'shared' Effects. The 'shared' effects are those that are used to recreate the environment. If you have a band with these effects you can place that band in a small room or a large hall. Reverberation is a shared effect. The MOXF also gives you a Time Delay effects (commonly called "Chorus" which is a type of time delay)... this can also create the illusion of the environment... As rooms and halls start to get larger and larger you get to the point where you are hearing repeated signal (Delays).

So the so-called SYSTEM Effects (Reverb and Chorus) are shared Effects which you can SEND a specific amount from each PART... to create the illusion of distance, space, (environment).

PART 1 = "Horizons"
VCM EQ501 and TempoCrossDelay are the dual Insertion Effects

PART 2 = "Percussive Sequence"
VCM EQ 501 and VCM Comp376 are the dual Insertion Effects

PART 3 = "Glass Choir"
Dual Modulator and Cross Delay are the dual Insertion Effects

The SYSTEM EFFECTS in PERFORMANCE mode are: "REV-X Hall" and "TempoCrossDelay"

When you recorded the PERFORMANCE to PATTERN mode... the REV-Hall and the Tempo Cross Delay where placed as the SYSTEM EFFECTS for all the PARTS 1-16 to share via the Rev Send and Cho Send you have from each of the PARTS.

if you don't want one of your additional PATTERN mode PARTS to have reverb or be delayed simply make sure their SEND is set to 0. Each Part has a separate Send to each of the System Effects.
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Maybe I'm doing it wrong...In MIXING mode & selecting PART #10, (where I have a drum voice); under "EF SEND" I turn CHO SEND & REV SEND to zero. But the effects do not change on those drum sounds. ?
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Bad Mister
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I'm not exactly sure what Drum Kit Voice you have in Part 10. Drum Kits, like Normal Voices, have a dual Insertion Effect and access like every other Part to the System Reverb and Chorus. But unlike normal Voices, each Key in a Drum Kit Voice has a different instrument sound.

We don't always think of Drums as separate instruments, but they really are... in a marching band the bass drum is a full time job for the musician playing it. The person with the crash cymbal has just one role, bang those cymbals, you can get a job just playing snare, and so on. The so called "Trap Kit" was a 20th century invention, where a jazz drummer welded a couple of toms on to a bass drum, fashioned a pedal to bang that bass drum when they 'kicked' it, and hung some cymbals on a music stand... folks started calling it a Trap Kit short for "contraption" - it was literally several percussion instrument fashioned together so one person could play them all.

I tell that story to give a background as to why each Drum Key in a MOXF Kit has its own volume, pan control, routing to the Insertion Effects, Sends to the System Effects, etc.

So you need to analyze what the routing and Send situation is on the Kit and what Insertion Effects, if any, are in play. Without that kind of information we can only guess why when you turn the overall Send to the Reverb and Chorus, that you are still hearing the Effects not change. Obviously, there are more Effects in play then just the Reverb and Chorus.

If for example, you navigate to the snare Drum being used, you'll find it has its own Send amount to the Reverb chamber, the Kick Drum may have the Send to the Reverb set to 0. This is a common practice: the lower the frequency of the instrument, the less likely you are to use reverberation. This is because in nature it is the high frequencies that bounce off of surfaces and reverberate, low frequencies tend to hit the wall and spread out, they are less pleasing to the ear and can get "muddy".

Anyway, each Key in a Kit has an individual SEND amount to the Reverb and the Chorus... and if it is not rerouted to an Insertion Effect, you can individually select which Drums have Reverb. Tons on the snare, none on the kick. Turning up the overall EF SEND, will only affect, those Drums that individual Send amounts turned up.

If the Kick drum's Send is 0, no matter how much you turn up the Kits overall Send, it will have no affect on the Kick Drum.
If, however, the snare Drums Send amount is turned up, then the overall Kit Send amount will have an affect on the snare.

This way turning the overall Kit EF SEND, only affects the Drum Keys you specify!
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Bad Mister wrote:
...each Drum Key in a MOXF Kit has its own volume, pan control, routing to the Insertion Effects, Sends to the System Effects, etc.

I just made my 1st drum kit for the MOXF with John Melas's waveform editor last week and I didn't realize that each KEY could have a different FX send amount. That is HUGE. Bless the engineers for their endless toil... and mad props to Bad Mister for keeping on top of these threads! Can't wait to get home and try this.
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