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  1. Geoff
  2. S70/90XS
  3. Sunday, 24 February 2019
Snorkelers Question.

I want to edit the vibrato on the "2 Flutes" voice. I am assuming its the LFO that triggers the vibrato.

I have installed Editor, saved voice to User location, online, and trying both LFO adjustments in Voice Common and Elements.

All my adjustments (speed, delay, wave form etc) do not yield any changes.

Maybe vibrato is part of AWM2 sample and cannot be edited unlike other parameters such as insert effects, EQ's?????

What am I missing?
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Bad Mister
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The Vibrato on the "2 Flutes" Voice uses the natural vibrato of the player in the sample. If you would rather a Flute Voice with no vibrato you will want to use a Voice made with the "Flute Non-Vib" Waveforms or build one yourself with the "S90 XS/S70 XS Editor"

The Voice "Flute" (a member of the pseudo-GM Bank) is a Flute made from the "Flute Non-Vib" Waveforms, it uses the PART LFO to do the vibrato.
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