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  1. Rainer
  2. MODX Series Synthesizers
  3. Sunday, 23 September 2018

Is there an easy workaround to migrate MOXF pattern mixings to a MODX performance?
Or do I have to rebuild every pattern mixing in the MODX manually? :o

Thank you in advance
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Bad Mister
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That’s a fair question...
The MOXF6/MOXF8 Editor certainly captures the MIXING VOICES, as well. So if you have the Editor data (.X6E) you’ll be able to rebuild the Mixing Voices.

I will have to double check if there is some other way (thanks for the question because MODX starts shipping this week). I have ported many a Sequence from the Motif XF to the MONTAGE, but have not gone through the actual process with the second tier synths.

I will look into this and report back... I do believe that if you use the Editor to capture your MOXF data... you can load the User Voices (which includes the Mixing Voices) directly to MODX - each will be converted to a Single Part MODX Performance. Then you can reassemble the 16-Part Mixing Setup.
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Hi Bad Mister.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
In some of the MOXF patterns I saved edited voices as mixing voices. Is it correct that these mixing voices are not imported by the MODX, so do I have to save them as user voices before I can import them?

Many thanks in advance
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Bad Mister
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No, there is not a direct translation of the MOXF Pattern MIXING to the MODX MIXING (if that is what is meant by “easy”).

The MIXING setup in the MOXF was created by “pointers”... the program assigned to each Part was referencing a “Voice” location. For example, Part 1 might be Preset 1:034(C02).
The MIXING setup in the MODX does not use a system of “pointers”... when you select a program for each Part, that data is a unique/complete copy of that data. Because the internal memory of the MODX is huge by comparison, every Part can be its own entity.

In the Motif and MO series, the Part settings were offsets to the original referenced Voice, which was held in a Voice Mode location. The Performance PARTs and Song/Pattern Mixing PARTs were just a set of OFFSET parameter settings being applied to the data in the stored ‘location’. If in the PART you set Note Limit Low = C3, and the Note Shift = -12, those parameter offsets were applied to whatever Voice that was “pointed” to... if you were “pointing” to a User Voice, whatever User Voice was loaded at the time would have the offsets applied to them. (It was possible to have the wrong Voices loaded, and have the Mixing’s offsets ‘point’ to all wrong Voices, ...right locations, but the wrong Voices might occupy those locations

The biggest improvement in the new MONTAGE and MODX series, is the absence of the offset/referencing “pointer” system of doing things. There is so much more memory space in the new synths that every Part has its own unique memory storage location. This helps eliminate (to a great degree) the possibility that you might have the wrong data loaded and that your Mixing Setup might be referencing the wrong data.

What you can do
If you have been using the “Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8 Editor Standalone/VST” you have an accurate record of each MOXF MIXING setup.
Having each MIXING setup available in the Editor will handle the largest part of documenting what sounds you used, how you edited/balanced them etc. The Editor will help you manually restore the Mix as you had it... you can tweak it from there because you’ll have access to all the MOXF sounds plus a ton of new ones...
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