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  4. Thursday, 18 January 2018
Two of the available effects are filters: Dynamic Filter and Control Filter. I've been able to find a little bit of documentation of these in the Parameter Manual, but it's not clear to me how to use them.

For Dynamic Filter, you can use a Side Chain. Does the Side Chain control the Cutoff of the filter? It seems to me that's what should happen, but it doesn't say that anywhere I've been able to find, so I'd like to check.

For Control Filter, what's supposed to control the filter? I tried the CUTOFF knob, but it didn't seem to do anything. (But possibly I didn't have things set up correctly?)

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Bad Mister
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The Dynamic Filter (being "Dynamic";) will respond to input sensitivity... the movement of the Filter Cutoff (Frequency) is in response to the incoming signal - specifically controlled by the parameter "Sensitivity"

The Control Filter (being manually "Controllable";) will respond by the manual movement of the “Filter Cutoff Control” parameter.

There is not much written, because that's about what is happening. You can use the "dynamics" of the audio signal of the sound you are applying it to or with the Side Chain option, you can use any other Part's audio output to influence the movement of the Cutoff Frequency.

In a recent MONTAGE tutorial I go over the application of the Dynamic Phaser, using it to respond to a Kick Drum ARP - the concepts of application are covered.

The Control Filter allows you to move "control" the Filter Cutoff Frequency manually... (assigned to a physical control). Within that Insertion Effect highlight the “Filter Cutoff Control” parameter, the [CONTROL ASSIGN] button glows - by pressing it and touching a Control will make the assignment and be taken to the screen to scale the response.

“How to use it” is an open question. The concept is what needs to be understood. When using it “dynamically” you have to try it to understand what makes sense and what is simply ‘over-the-top’... it’s all subjective. Filter movement that is too fast is as inappropriate as movement that is too slow. Filter movement that moves too far is as inappropriate as movement that is too little. So experimentation rules here. When there are “Preset” available, you can use these to study what someone else came up with, but so much is depending on the sound to which you are applying it... so explore!

Hope that helps.
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