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  1. Falk
  2. Vintage Yamaha Synths
  3. Thursday, 06 December 2018
Hi, the output volume of my DX7IID seems higher in dual mode as compared to single mode. Is this normal? If another DX7II owner could check (or some oldschool user remembers...), would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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I haven't noticed that - the same patch in single mode compared to the same patch in dual mode have exactly the same volume on mine.

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Placing the same Sound in both engines doubles the power (or work that can be done acoustically) that should increase the output 3dB.

Point of reference:
A change of 1dB is audible to very good ears (like musicians)
A change of 2dB is audible by most folks
A change of 3dB is audible by even civilians (non-musicians) ...

A change of 10dB doubles the perception of loudness
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Thank you Bad Mister that sounds very plausible.
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