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  1. Matt
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  3. Friday, 25 September 2020

Hoping someone can help me. I just brought a DX7 (Mark1) and had it serviced/Battery changed etc.

I've tried two sustain pedals one piano style (with polarity switch) and the other the footswitch style (fixed polarity)

when I plug the piano one it's sustaining until I press the pedal and when I flick the polarity switch everything wildly sustains with no control at all.

When I plug the fixed velocity pedal in its only reverse polarity.

is there something I'm doing wrong?!

literally at a loss.

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Bad Mister
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You need to discover why the pedal with the polarity switch is not working. That’s what is strange. There are only two, “normally open” and “normally closed”.

You invested in a classic, do yourself a favor get a genuine Yamaha pedal... a Yamaha FC4A is what you need..., we still use the same polarity all this many years later. The plug on the pedal should be TS (Tip-Sleeve).

When I plug the fixed velocity pedal in its only reverse polarity.
Sorry, I don’t know what a fixed velocity pedal is...
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