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  1. Ryan
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 08 November 2016
I was trying to use the editor while playing the dusk2dawn song (preloaded number 1 song) to see how it was played and visually see on screen what keys were hit. However, some of the voices are not syncing correctly.


Voices 1,3,5, and 7 should not be grand piano. And when it plays the drum for some reason you cannot see the bass drum key played on the keyboard. Is there a correct way to do this?
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Bad Mister
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Actually, Parts 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 15 and 16 should not be "Full Concert Grand" if anything they should be reading either MV (Mixing Voice) or "Initialized Voice"

If you want study the Dusk2Dawn demo, make sure it is loaded properly in your MOXF. The Parts I listed above should all have "MV" as the Bank.
To load the factory Song demos (make sure you have backed up any data you are concerned about, because factory resetting will discard user data)
Press [JOB]
Press [ENTER]

This will restore the factory demos.
Go to SONG mode recall SONG 2

Launch Cubase

This will launch the Editor and bring it ONLINE.
Now in the MOXF recall SONG 1 "Dusk2Dawn"
By recalling SONG 1, the Editor should capture the correct Voices, including the MV Bank Voices.

MV or Mixing Voices are stored locally with the Song or Pattern they were created in, instead of being in the User Bank.
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When I play the song without the editor it plays correctly. Then when I open the editor (standalone, not opening Cubase) and it does its syncing, then the parts get messed up. Maybe I'll try opening in Cubase to see if that makes a difference.
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