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  3. Wednesday, 02 January 2019
I can see that different users on SoundMondo have been uploading performances with same name and perhaps the same settings, as previous users.( also some of mine : ALODK )
I hope that this is not just copy/past--performances.

I think it is sad if some users copy the work that others have done and take the credit. it also hides the real creative users so they get less points than they deserve. Please give credit/points to the real creators.

Does anyone else care?
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Bad Mister
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We care. It’s been an issue for some time. Here’s my evaluation of what causes this to happen.

It’s the newness of this type of format and the fact that the wrong screen appears right after you BROWSE andthen SYNC with your instrument.
Instead of going back to the author’s screen (where you can read a description of what you just downloaded to your instrument, where you could listen to the author’s SoundCloud example, we you could watch the author’s video clip)... it delivers you to a screen where your options are repost it under your own Name. (It almost forces the first timer to steal the credit)!

We agree, this is wrong. What happens is the first time user sees option to Save - they think this is Saving to their instrument... IT IS NOT... it winds up reposting the downloaded file under the name of the downloader.... this imho is simply WRONG!!!

We are hoping to get this fixed... I do not believe people are purposefully *stealing* credit for other’s work... it’s because the screen that comes up leads one to believe that this is storing the Sync’d data. If one likes the Sync’d data they should press the [STORE] button on their instrument... NOT THE SAVE option on the computer screen.

Again, apologies about this (disheartening) error. As I said we are trying to get this fixed.
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The page has been confusing, also to me, but I have a little experience with programming pages, so I went back to the author - page. I can see now that your version is more probable.

I will continue uploading my performances and fill out the information about the file, hoping that it will start a trend of better documentation. I also adjust the "audition" setting for my new performances, if I can find one that fits. This way it is easier to see the effort, that has gone into the creation of the performance and perhaps make easier to distinguish them form random copies.

If the users can make it worth while to use SoundMondo, we can hope for, that the page will be fixed sooner than otherwise planed. :-)
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