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  1. Petr
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Saturday, 31 August 2019
I might have asked about this some time ago, but cannot find it. Apologies, if this is double post.

Is there a way how to dump Patterns, Songs or Arps through SysEx? I am looking for way to do it from MOXF and to MOXF. I have read through MOXF's Data List, but did not find anything related to this functionality. Is this possible?

Any pointers welcome!
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Bad Mister
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Songs can be saved in an ALL SONG File (.X6S)
Patterns can be saved in an ALL PATTERN File (.X6P)
Arps can be saved in an ALL ARPEGGIO File (.X6G)

Or an ALL data File (.X6A) will save everything. There is no bulk dump protocol for MIDI data that contains Measures/Beats, Note Events, Controller events, etc.

You can export Song data as a SMF (Standard MIDI File) .MID
You can export each Pattern Section as a SMF .MID
These only include data recorded to the Tracks — but does not include the MOXF Setup data.
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Hello, Bad Mister,

thank you for your answer.

At least I know that for sure that this is not possible via dump. I'll look into the other options you mentioned.

Have a great day!
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