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  4. Wednesday, 07 February 2018
Does the Superknob work the same in multi mode as single midi mode ?
Am I missing out on any of the Montage features by using Multi mode , I notice that none of the pre installed Superknob setting work in multi mode like in single part mode .
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Bad Mister
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The Super Knob works exactly the same in MIDI I/O Mode = Single as it does when MIDI I/O Mode = Multi.
No one would be able to tell which I/O Mode you are set to, and if you don't look you wouldn't know either.

The main difference between MIDI I/O Modes is what is sent Out and received In via MIDI.

You have stated that none of the Super Knob settings work in Multi Mode, so we are going to take the leap that you forgot to mention that you have Local Control OFF, and you are connected via USB to a computer or other device. If that is the case you will notice that unless you are set to receive and echo back each KBD CTRL Part in your Multi Performance, you may not get the results you expect.

When in MIDI I/O Mode = Multi, each KBD CTRL Part transmits Out on a separate MIDI Channel.
How the Super Knob and Scene buttons transmit will depend on how you have them set on the MIDI I/O screen.

Let us know under what conditions the Super Knob is not working for you.
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