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  4. Thursday, 25 August 2016
Just a quick practical question. I have a Reface DX with original Yamaha carrying bag.
I'm considering mounting a Reface KT "keytar" extension.

Will the Reface + mounted KT extension together still fit in the carrying bag, or will I have to unmount it everytime?
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If you are referring to the reface bag that Yamaha makes, YES: The reface fits in the bag with the keytar extension mounted.
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Great, thanks.
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Hi, I just bought the KT extension for my Reface DX. This is real fun :D

It does indeed fit in my original Yamaha Reface carrying bag, but only just.
The bag clearly wasn't designed with the KT extension in mind.
If Yamaha ever decides to redesign the bag: A little bit more space would be nice.
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