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  4. Saturday, 18 February 2017
I read somewhere that the new firmware contains a new rotary effect to improve the organ emulation but cannot find any demos anywhere of it. Im considering moving to Montage from Kronos but not sure yet and wanted to do some more research, especially in this area first.

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Hi, i have made this video using Montage audition phrases with the new Montage organ performances and new Rotary speaker 2 FX:

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Thanks guys that was what I was after, I actually got chance to try a montage briefly in the store today, really enjoyed the quality of the instrument and sounds. I dont think it had the latest OS installed though, organs were ok but not up to par with Kronos, would love to hear from someone who has both and has compared the new organs to the Kronos organs.
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The two organs will always be different. Not only because of two manufacturers - but Korg has modeled organs and Yamaha uses samples (pure ROMpler approach). Which one is better depends on what your ear is expecting and what comes out. Modeled isn't always better and vice-versa. The underlying pre-effect organ sounds I do not think have changed - although I could be wrong - I'd have to go through the waveforms and see if there's anything new in the new organs.

The Korg may do a better job of emulating foldback - if your ear can pick that nuance out. To me, it's a technical issue but not necessarily a "sound" issue.

So this may boil down to character (different from each keyboard). I haven't ever played the Korg organs live - so I don't know what they do in a mix. The Yamaha organs - as "sub-par" as they were (note: meaning in my previous-to-Montage experience) vs. other options - always served me well in the mix.
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