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  4. Sunday, 02 September 2018
I've recording a song in the MOXF internal sequencer and would like to try different voices for several tracks. In Song mixing mode under the Voice tab the voices are identified by VoiceNum, Bank MSB, and Bank LSB numbers that can be changed with the data wheel. But what is the correspondence between this set of identifiers and the Bank and Group identifiers or the Category, Subcategory identifiers in Voice Mode? When in Song mixing mode, can I use Category search to select different voices for a recorded track?

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Bad Mister
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Please see the following article on how the Bank Select commands work, and how to input the data into your Sequencer

Bank Select and Program Change Explained

Although this was written for the Motif XF, (except for the fact that the MOXF does not have a USER 4 Bank), it’s on-point for your MOXF.

If you have further questions, post back here.
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Thanks - will take a look!

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