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  4. Tuesday, 24 September 2019
I have a moxf8 and Windows 10 with cubase 10 elements on a tablett.
I need to use daw remote on stage and I have to jump betwean markeras on stage using Buttons on my moxf.

Is there a way to configure next/previous marker on The daw remote?
I have it installed on my computer and use it when recording but I cant fimd out how to use itt on a marker tack.
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Bad Mister
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Hi Magnus,
As you know, the MOXF can be used as a DAW Remote Control surface for Cubase. You will need to have installed on your computer the MOXF6/MOXF8 REMOTE EXTENSION (this comes in the download “MOXF6/MOXF8 Remote Tool v1.0.5 for Windows”

Check MIDI Port Setup _ Making sure Port 2 is exclusively for Remote Control Commands:
Go to STUDIO > STUDIO SETUP > MIDI > MIDI Port Setup... > in the column labeled “In ‘All MIDI Inputs’” make sure the MOXF Port 1 is marked and the MOXF Port 2 is not marked.
Under the REMOTE DEVICES folder on the left side of the screen, highlight “Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8”
Make sure Port 2 is set for both MIDI Input and Output. You only want Port 2 to be used for Remote Control communication.

On the MOXF
The [DAW REMOTE] button is highlighted on the MOXF front panel with a light colored background... when activated (light on) the front panel functions with that same background apply. The [SF] buttons under the screen are recast as DAW REMOTE “Assignable Switches”

Inside Cubase
You can use the MOXF EXTENSION SETUP to program the MOXF Assignable Buttons [SF1]-[SF6]
The default to things like Zoom+, Zoom- etc.

Launch the MOXF Extension Setup software:
Go to STUDIO > MOXF6/MOXF8 Extension Setup > there are several tabs, select “SF Assign”
Highlight [SF1] Switch
Button = SF1
CLICK under “Category”
Select “TRANSPORT” from the long list of Assignable features.
In the “Command” box to the right find “Locate Next Marker”
Name it in the “show as” box Next or whatever

For Button [SF2] select “TRANSPORT” and set it to “Locate Previous Marker”
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