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  4. Monday, 16 March 2020
Hello to all,

I'm using Reaper as my prefered DAW. But I had this following problem in Logic at MAC too.

Whenn I will record MIDI only sometimes two notes can be recorded. Why does this happend? Not more.

Here some Settings from the Montage:
Local Control Off
Recording MIDI to DAW.

If somone can help will be welcome.

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Bad Mister
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What determines how many Note-On events are sent from the MONTAGE is the number of Parts you are set to communicate with... this is true whether Local Control is On or Off.

When MONTAGE is set to communicate with two Parts, or three Parts or four Parts, etc, it will generate a NoteOn Event for each KBD CTRL “linked” Part.

This is why simply setting Local Control to Off doesn’t always work as you expect. Most every keyboard transmits on just one MIDI Channel at a time when using it as a Controller with DAW software... When that is the case Local Control = Off works nicely. But because MONTAGE can transmit on as many as 8 MIDI channels simultaneously, you must take that into consideration.

Reaper and Logic, like Cubase, probably are set to receive all incoming MIDI data... and then reChannelize the data when it echoes it back Out to the synth. If you have a two Part Performance selected, you are transmitting on two MIDI Channels... and will naturally see two notes for each key played. The reChannelization forces the two events to the same channel.

If you wish to use the MONTAGE as a single transmit keyboard controller...with Local Control Off, I recommend setting KBD CTRL LOCK to On... this makes it so only one Channel at a time is transmitted from MONTAGE (the *selected* Part number corresponds to the transmit channel).

Press [UTILITY] > “Effect Switch” > set the KBD CTRL LOCK = On

Kbd Ctrl Lock (Keyboard Control Lock)
Determines whether Keyboard Control Lock is active or not. When this is set to On, the Keyboard Control is turned on only for Part 1 and off for the other Parts.
When this is set to Off, Keyboard Control settings for all Parts are returned to the original status.
Settings: Off, On
NOTE: When you use the MODX as a 16-part multi-timbral sound module with DAW software, the Keyboard Control Lock function is useful for creating or editing MIDI tracks one by one.

You can automatically deactivate the KBD CTRL LOCK by touching a KBD CTRL box.
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Hello Bad Mister,

thank You for Your answer.

I hope that will solve my problem.

I thought that I switched off the KBD control at all channels with the JM-Tools. That is for me as a blind user the fastest way to do that. But I will take a look with my wife into the KBD lock in Utility and will change it.

Thanks again for Your help!!!
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Hello again,

now, after some tests I find out that nothing is changing in Reaper. I can only play one note at all. If I use QWS - that is a MIDI-Software-Sequencer and switch MIDI thru on all works fine.

That is someting I can not understand.

I think now, that is not a Montage problem. I think it is a setting in the DAW.

If someone can help it will be nice.

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Hello I just Bought my New White Montage 8. Been Scoring film/TV since Midi (mid 80's).
This is the first keyboard that got me mad and frustrated! Best sounding keyboard ever, and beautiful layout, quality build.

I just hooked up MIDI in and MIDI out. Added device in Audio Midi setup in MOTU midi Timepiece.
Then as i have for 27 years just turned local control off on keyboard, set Patch thru in MOTU DP 10 so when i record enable my track in my Disney DP Template I use for episodial shows (Added Montage and Removed Korg Kronos),. Now even my old Synclavier and fairlight CMS work this way and flawlessly, as my Kurzweil keyboards, and my Roland Fantom, and my Korg Oasys, Korg kronos, ETC.
The way i hooked up Montage is the Industry standard set up with General Midi specs in 80's and how DAW's/Seq has worked and is standard.

Now my new montage needs to come with a bottle of aspirin for the headaches it gives. As this should be simple (KISS Keep it simple Stupid).
As i read the manual, Yamaha has ventured off on a new great thing. But there user interface is insane! Confusing, and no quick explanation in manuals how to set up with a 101 basic midi Seq software that every Film composer uses daily as we need to compose to film not perform on stage! And sync to click tracks and tempo map generated by DAW/Seq Thus I found my self just using it as the best 88 key controller out on the market. I have no time during a weekly episode to jack around with a nightmare keyboards firmware. Frankly its a big embarrassment and humiliating to such a wonderful keyboard.

The sounds are perfect! and film ready right out of the box. But of no use as i have yet been able to get performance patches and set up 3-8 different midi channels to get a simple performance to record and play back in a seq without some feature disabled, such as ARP,Motion, Double notes nightmare, Super knob feedback loop when local control off and recording using super knob. The list goes on

Now I know there are some of you wonderful users that could tell this gentleman what to select in "MIDI I/O" in utilities, and what to select to make it so the entire Montage can be played back on 1 Midi channel a performance selected. ("Utilities","Advanced" "MODE" "Single" Then when he selects a "Performance" and Plays through his DAW the $4000 Montage could actually play back a performance patch as it sounds without driving him to suicide because some software clown cant follow the industry standards, double notes, feedback loops, one channel of performance and one part only playing.

He of course would expect his Yamaha Montage to play back with arpiegios from chords he put into Seq Software, with montage getting tempo from his daw and seq software no mater what flavor, Logic, Cubase, MOTU DP, Dorico, etc without 21 duplicate notes at same time in Seq event list, and his "Super Knob" looping in a data feedback as Yamaha ships with it all set up for on stage live performance and Super knob on keyboard locks up with local control off. (Must use expression pedal assigned to super knob when using daw).

Here is the way it should work as it does for EVERY OTHER KEYBOARD ON THE MARKET!

1. User selects Performance "Steel Twin Gallery" on montage (Or any performance)
2. User turns "Local Control" off on keyboard
3. User enables patch thru in SEQ software and record enables track with midi configured Ch 1 on Seq template
4. User press record on Daw/seq software, playing in music into DAW on Montage as midi controller and playback module
5. User rewinds DAW or Seq software and hits PLAY in SEQ Software
6. SEQ Plays back MIDI data to Montage which plays exactly what user played in Seq or daw.
7. User turns "ARP" on Montage
8. Seq or DAW plays back and Montage plays back with notes arpeggio with DAW/SEQ tempo being arp tempo

That is what he wants to do. As it ships there are like 50 settings and areas to tweak. But then there is "Quick Setup" that does not work, with midi but somewhat with USB
OR then again you can change settings in both "MIDI I/O" and "ADVANCED" "MODE " "SINGLE" instead of multi but then arp and motions dont work? etc

So until one of you fine gentleman that is familiar with SEQ software, Logic, Cubase, DP etc can help this fine lad he is SOL as i cant seem to get a setting that works for ARP, Motion, Super knob with DAW/SEQ software playback on one midi channel.(Yes i can with a single patch! useless as i want performances)

Yes i am older, maybe ignorant to the "Yamaha Way" but thats not the "Hollywood Way" or "Industry way" we do things thats the way you can ruin your career in Hollywood as if you cant keep pace your name, your income stream is over. For us working fellows we cant say " I am waiting for someone that will fix this". You purchase a Keyboard or midi sound module in the year 2020 with the expectation that it integrates flawlessly with your DAW/SEQ software out of box. You dont purchase a Keyboard or Midi Sound module to tell you what DAW/SEQ software works with it, then tell user he must change his industry standard workflow to accommodate his new keyboard to get it to work, and set up multiple tracks with different midi channels, record, then copy paste same data in 8 tracks to get a stupid performance patch to play back etc.

Montage will no doubt be one of the best sounding and well built instruments from Yamaha. But the internal firmware needs to evolve so that when a user dials up a performance patch, Turns Local control OFF, The Montage plays back a Performance on a Single midi channel and ARP. Motion, can sync and work with DAW/SEQ Tempo map flawlessly. Without user having to tweak stuff, change multiple settings and spend 9 hrs removing duplicate notes.

We dont need usb to use a daw and blow out a needed USB port, to work. It needs to work over MIDI in and MIDI out with no USB, and with USB if user wants it for DAW etc.

There MUST be a simple way to set it up. Leave it alone so users can enjoy such a beautiful sounding instrument.
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Bad Mister
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If you are spending nine hours removing notes, you are barking up the wrong tree. If you have been working the same way for 27 years, then you can still pretty much work that way.

I highly recommend you limit yourself to one-Part-at-a-time— this will not only feel familiar but allow you to wade out into deeper waters only after you have found a comfort level, then, after that you can deal with how multiple Part control works.

Finding yourself challenged with an 8 Part Performance like “Steel Twin Gallery”?
Recall it.
Press Record on the MONTAGE
Select “MIDI” if you wish to record linearly, select “Pattern” if you wish to record each pair of acoustic guitars into looping sections. Each of the four Scene buttons represents a pair of acoustic guitars.

Record your data... then
Connect to your computer.
Click on “Song Import”
Drag and drop your results into your favorite DAW.

When you don’t know how to record Multi Part Performances, the internal Performance Recorder is designed to record what is new (and different) about MONTAGE, quickly and easily. Zero head scratching, just press Record and lay down your tracks.... MONTAGE does the heavy lifting.

Drag and drop the resulting .mid file into your DAW and now you can continue your work.

There MUST be a simple way to set it up.
There is...
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