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  1. Bill
  2. yTunes
  3. Wednesday, 18 January 2017
Hi all,

I thought some of you might enjoy this sequence I just finished using the MOXF8 and MOXF6 from Dave Grusin. The song is from his 1984 album "Night Lines" and is recreated as faithfully as possible, performing all the lead parts live. The sequence itself was MOXF pattern-based, built using the pattern sequencer first, then chaining the patterns together and converting into a song sequence. No computer was used in creating the sequence, it was all done on the MOXF8. The MOXF6 was only used for performance, so no MIDI or sequence data was transmitted to it during the song, it was just two performance patches that you'll see me switch between during the performance.

Thanks in advance for watching!

Dave Grusin - "Power Wave" with Yamaha MOXF Series Keys
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