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  1. Jean
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Wednesday, 09 October 2019

Today the datalist for OS V3 has been published in the download section of https://usa.yamaha.com

But this datalist, the same as that included in the .zip of the update of the OS (montage_en_dl_i0.pdf), is not up to date for the section 'Midi Data table', in particular on the additions to the sections 'scene', 'liveset', 'superknob' and other additions to OS V3.

Are only updated in this datalist the name of the new performances, effects and effects parameters.

Does anyone know if Yamaha will update the 'Midi Data table' section of this datalist?

(I do not have a Montage anymore, but I just bought a Modx and I'll need these infos to update a program I wrote when the OS update will be released for the Modx )
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Hi, Jean

I agree with you: The data list is not complete.
For example, in livesets, there is no information on perform/song/audio/pattern choice, song name.
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FYI: the datalist (version i0) was previously packaged with the v3.0 firmware when it was released. I noticed at that time that the new features did not translate into documented MIDI addressing. Part of my interest was seeing what the documented range of extended LFO covers. Currently - only reverse engineering can be used by looking at the Sysex dumps of v3.0 and digging out the new content.
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Bad Mister
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If the Data List does not contain a listing for a new feature it is probably simply due to timing... features are added even after the Data List booklet goes to print. They will likely make the next publication of the Data List.

From the article on the Extended LFO ....
With the standard LFO the Speed parameter range goes from 0-63 (0-42 Hz) for AWM Parts. When the “Extended LFO” is set to ON, the Speed parameter range extends from 0-415 (0-1356.59 Hz). These higher speeds generate interesting sounds when modulating Pitch, Filter or Amplitude.

The Extended LFO works a bit differently in FMX parts. It is found at the Part level Common, Mod/Control, 2nd LFO:
When Extended LFO is OFF the Speed parameter range is 0-99 (0-50.89 Hz) in an FMX Part. When Extended LFO is ON the range increases to 0-415 (Same range as AWM Part, 0-1356.59 Hz). Note that for the FMX 2nd LFO there are individual Depth Ratio settings for each Operator for both Pitch and Amplitude Modulation.
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BTW, I noticed that the link to the Montage Supplementary manual on the Montage downloads page is currently returning a 404:

The requested URL /files/download/other_assets/2/960092/montage_en_nf_v2.50_f0.pdf was not found on this server.

The link is:

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Probably still best to refer to the v3.0 inside the firmware ZIP: "montage_en_nf_g0.pdf" since it covers <=v2.5 and also v3.0
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They will likely make the next publication of the Data List.

Ok. Thank you.
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