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  1. John
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  3. Friday, 29 November 2019
I want to use the extended LFO to create a rolling pad where different elements would fade in and out cyclically, however, I can't see where you can customize LFO phase. Is it possible to set the LFO phase independently per element? If not thos would be a great feature.
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Bad Mister
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For an idea of how the Extended LFO is implemented in your MONTAGE, it is highly recommended to step through this tutorial:

Mastering MONTAGE: The Extended LFO In OS 3.00

The LFO that has the ‘extended range’ is the AWM2 “Element LFO”, and the so called “2nd LFO” in the FM-X engine. Generally speaking, this is the LFO responsible for musical modulation within the oscillator. Vibrato, Wah-Wah, and Tremolo are the musical terms. Pitch Modulation, Filter Modulation, and Amplitude Modulation, respectively. This modulation can be applied fulltime or it can be biased to a controller that becomes responsible for applying ‘depth’.

Both the AWM2 and FM-X engines have a Part LFO that can be used to manipulate parameters throughout the Engine including the Insertion Effects, Cutoff, Resonance, Pitch, Pan and even Element LFO Speed
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