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  1. Dileepa
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Sunday, 17 November 2019
Hi there. Can someone please let me know if I can create arpeggios (Custom arpeggios) in Montage, if so, how to do it?
Thank you very much!!!
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Bad Mister
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Yes, you can. MIDI data recorded or loaded to the MONTAGE Recorder can be converted to a User Arpeggio. As many as 256 User Arp’s can be stored in a User Bank.

MIDI data can be converted from a Track of the recorder using a special Job. An Arp Phrase can be made up of 16 unique notes, and can be converted using one of three Convert Types: Fixed Note, Original Note, Normal

Please see the link below for an overview of articles concerning the Arpeggiators, how they work, and how to create your own...

Arp Record Articles
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Note that if you have firmware v1.1 - this is an example of a firmware version that did not have the ability to create user ARPs. On the slim chance you have an old firmware version - upgrading to the latest would benefit you in several ways including possibly adding the create user ARP feature.
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Thank you very much.
This is so helpful!!!
:D :D
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