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  1. Jon
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  3. Friday, 08 December 2017

I am using Cubase 8.5 and MOXF 8 as the audio interface. Recently, Cubase is constantly process-overload and cannot export any mixdown. This situation resolved when swapped to a different interface, a Zoom H2n in my case. However, MOXF8 is my main sound source so I definitely want to fix this. I tried a different USB cable which doesn't work either.

I had the same problem 3 months ago. I solved it by changing the hard disk to an SSD. Wonder if this is a MOXF problem or a combination of PC and MOXF.

My computer specs:

4G Ram
Windows 8.1
Yamaha USB Driver 1.9.10

Please help
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Bad Mister
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A process-overload will need to researched... let’s see if we can straighten it out with the following checklist...

About Screenshot 3: you have Ports 1, 2, 3 and 5 marked as INPUTS to your MIDI Tracks This is a potential problem... only Ports 1 and maybe 3 should be used... never the others.

In the column marked “In All MIDI Input” you should mark Port 1 because that is the Port used for MIDI Note-on, Tempo and Controller Data
Please unmark Port 2 - it is incorrect to have this marked here (used for Remote Control only)
Please unmark Port 5 - it is incorrect to have this marked here (used for the Remote VSTi Editor Only)

You only should mark Port 3, ONLY if you are connecting a second MIDI controller/module to your DAW via the 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT jacks on the back panel.

Where does your Export Audio Mixdown go? You did not mark to place it in your Project or the Pool?
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Device Setup and Transport

Cubase Mixdown Setting

MIDI Port Setup

I have successfully exported files many times. It is unlikely the Cubase mixdown setup has problems. For MOXF, I don't know. I see it more a system overload problem because of the red mark of average audio processing-load on transport. It is constantly present no matter how many times I clicked it to erase it. Mixdown export is just the results I believe.

A little more information, I can still playback all tracks in Cubase using MOXF without audible pops.

Let me know if there is anything else (setup pictures etc.) you would need to diagnose the problem.
Bad Mister
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It’s likely something entirely different. Like to help, but need to know how you have configured your setup, and how you’ve setup to export mixdown. Since thousands of Users are doing so successfully, I tend to think the cause is local to your setup... and therefore, solveable.
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