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  4. Friday, 10 May 2019
Hi, since Cubase is half price right now I am thinking about upgrading from Elements 10 to Pro 10. So I am trying to figure out if I really actually need the Pro features. What are the advantages for the Montage that are really very useful? I know there is a sysex track, that is only in the Pro version, but I don´t really know what I can do with this sysex track. Can I for example edit recorded superknob automation in this track? Or draw in my automation later? Or what else?
Any other mindblowing advantages for the Monatge in Pro?

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If you followed the steps outlined exactly including the Montage side - I don't think PART assignable knobs have the option for SysEx like superknob (by turning CC off under utility settings midi I/O) so it should work. Make sure you followed the part where you touch a PART to select one or else you may not have any PART selected and Assignable Knobs will be common sending SysEx.

Common send SysEx and only SysEx so know your knob mode.
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wow, it works now, thank you Jason, you´re a genius! I can´t believe this works with elements, I thought I needed pro and the famous sysex track... cooooool! I think it´s time to learn everything about midi messages....something I have dodged til now
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Even though there is maybe a slight advantage to a SysEx track - you'd never really want to fool with SysEx as even with the Pro facilitators, it's still cumbersome to deal with SysEx. Thankfully, most anything you'd want to actually edit can be done at the CC level and Elements or even the lesser AI version allow for this. Pro does offer some better features so parts of this process can likely be better streamlined using Pro. I don't yet have Pro to rundown those. But there's a lot that even AI can accomplish. I'm a DAW novice so I generally think if I can figure it out, it can't be that difficult. Most of this I'm approaching without any previous experience, learning as I go.

I'm hoping 10 pro allows to relabel CCs as previous versions have this hard coded and do not allow changing the display width for track names. Having to hover over the automation tracks to see what cc is documented is a speedbump in workflow. I'd just assume name these shorter and after Montage like AKb1 or SpKb or Scne so both the short name and cc# would show in space provided.

Would be great if the automation track length could be defined too, but not really expecting either yet. We'll see. Both of these have been requested for generations.
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I wanted to see if the cubase elements manual says anything about extracting automation data from midi files, like you have thankfully revealed to me, Jason. it doesn´t. I found absolutely no such instructions under automation, (they might be somewhere else in the 700 page manual, but it´s definitely not under automation)

they are describing a simple way to record the automation from a controller directly on it´s own tracks, simply by activating the automation R button. this does indeed create automation tracks when moving the knobs on the Monatge, which can then directly be drawn over with the pen tool.

problem thow: none of it is played back...absolutely nothing happens knobwise on the Monatge when midi is recorded that way.

ok, I realize there´s something about first dissolving the midi track into channels for any kind of automation editing to work. but it doesn´t work with a performance that has been set to midi output "single" either... why...not?

I gotta say I forgot the reason behind why one has to record all parts to one track and then dissolve them in all versions of cubase below pro. or rather: I never even really understood the reason...
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