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  1. Gabi
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Tuesday, 15 May 2018
ok, so now suddenly Cubase does not work anymore, the Montage audio ports are all gone after I spent hours recording and now want to listen to it again, Montage is not selectable as the soundcard anymore and I cannot listen to my audio. rebooting 3 times, turning Montage on an off, nothing., no sound from audio anymore even thow midi works. error message "not connected" at the audio ports but midi works. audio shows generic asio driver, why can I not chose the steinberg driver, where the hell is it? What do I do now?
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sounds like you have to do a cold boot.. totally power off and on.. and if that doesn't work then you have to re-load the steinberg driver..
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well, I don´t know what the programmers of Cubase were thinking but settings in that DAW are all over the place. Instead of everything being under "settings", which would be user friendly and logical, everytime something is misset one has to go on a witchhunt.
- So the ASIO driver is to be found under "studio - studio settings - vst audiosystem", which means absolutely nothing and is not anywhere I would look for.
- the audio buses are under "studio - audio connections" and are never remembered, for some reason, every time I start Cubase I have to go thru this
- the sync is under "transport - project sync"

why make it easy and put all settings in "settings" when you can torture the user....
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Some of this was referenced here: https://yamahasynth.com/forum/evolving-work-flow-stuck-in-a-cubase-midi-to-audio-step#reply-24163

Just adding for some references (not expecting you would have found it).

Like anything else - once you get a general system down - even though things may be better organized (for you) - once you know it's easier the next time. Eventually there is less mystery and more productivity.

Also, not all DAWs are organized the same way. If there's a different one that fits your expectations better - you may want to discover that (trials, if available, etc). They all end up in the same general place - so there is little loss in functionality in using one vs. another. Just stick shift vs. automatic (to oversimplify the differences).
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Bad Mister
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You can contact Steinberg directly through your MySteinberg Account. If you were following the guide in the manual, when you reopened your Project, things you setup will automatically be restored. If you are making up your own “should be” rules, well, I don’t have to tell you... you wind up with a post like this thread. Take your time. Everyone (and that’s hundreds of thousands of Cubase users) has been where you are and survived (some how)... if we can help, let us know.
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