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  1. Daniel
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  4. Thursday, 25 October 2018
Simple scenario:

I have set up one midi track with ChordPad enabled and note filters/limits to restrict these to the lower part of the keyboard
I have set up second midi track as a lead track with note limits restricting it to the upper half of the keyboard.
I want to use one montage performance for the Chordpad track (say guitar),and another montage performance for the lead track (eg piano)
The main thing here is to be able to play them simultaneously, by monitoring both tracks.

Now, would this be the way to do it using the montage?

1) Pick a guitar performance
2) Append a Piano performance to it.
3) send the guitar parts to the chordpad track
4) send the piano parts to the accompaniment track
But this would mean manually going into each individual part and telling it where I want to send it.
And then if at a whim if I decideI don't want piano anymore, and i want to change that sound to a lead pad, I have then go into each part of that pad and tell it where to send it to again.

I want the luxury of being able to change whatever sound is playing on the chordpad track or the lead track without having go in and manually tell each part where to go.
This whole thing is easy done using cubase and vst instruments, not an issue.

But can it be done with montage as the sound source?
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Bad Mister
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As I recall, the ChordPad plugin is looking to work with a single MIDI channel input at a time.

That was the working conclusion in this thread:
Cubase ChordPad MIDI (solved)
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I had a rethink about what I was actually asking.
Regardless of chordpad or not,.. using cubase program/bank select can you have one track call on one performance, and another track call on another performance, simultaenously.
Two different multi-part performances on two different tracks that can be played simultaneously.

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You can only load one Performance at once. In Bank(MSB/LSB)/Program(PC) terms, a Performance is documented as a "Multi Part" Performance. You can also use Bank/Program to swap out PARTs (not entire Performances, but individual PARTs). You do this by using the Bank/Program for the "Single Part" Performances. The PART you are targeting should match the MIDI channel you use when you send the Bank/Program message to change the "Single Part".

This "single part" business takes whatever is PART 1 from the Performance and places it into the specified (by MIDI channel) PART of the current Performance. This is most useful when you target Bank/Program addresses of Performances that only have a single PART so that the result is fully in-tact.

There's not a Bank/Program message you can send which merges two multi-PART Performances together such that all of the multiple PARTs from a second Performance are appending to your current Performance.

You may be able to approximate this if you setup, say for a multi-PART performance using 4 PARTs, 3 separate user Performances with PART 1 of each user Performance being a different PART out of the original multi-PART performance. Example:

... you wouldn't need to create a new one for the multi-PART Performance's PART 1 since you can use the original Performance.
1st User Performance: PART 1 is the original multi-PART Performance's PART 2
2nd User Performance: PART 1 is the original multi-PART Performance's PART 3
3rd User Performance: PART 1 is the original multi-PART Performance's PART 4

This way, say you started with a Performance that used 4 PARTs and wanted to append a 2nd multi-PART (preset) Performance to the current one. Then you would:

1) Send a Bank/Program message for a single-PART Preset change using the address of the preset and target MIDI channel 5 (PART 5, first open slot of current Performance)
2) Send a Bank/Program message for a single-PART USER change using the address of the 1st user Performance you created above and target MIDI channel 6
3) Same as above, address as 2nd user Performance and target MIDI channel 7
4) Same as above, address as 3rd user Performance and target MIDI channel 8

After all this prep and leg-work, you'd have done something close to merging two multi-PART Performances.

Which also shows it would be easier just to stick with single-PART performances so you do not have to create these "dummy" User Performances. Also, there would be less MIDI messages overall managing instruments on single channels vs. multiple.

I'm not sure any of this would quite work right if you had your Montage in single-channel MIDI mode.
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