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  1. Michal
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Friday, 31 August 2018
Hello, I'm new in MOXF8 and on this forum. I need to create small lag on one of my two layers. In this case, the sound of second layer should start a bit later than the first layer. I can set up delay, but I need to hear only repeats without first sound. I don't know how to explain in proper way. I simply think about some time shift of sounding the second part. Could anyone help me? Many thanks.
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Bad Mister
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We’ll need a slightly more precise description but we can offer to methods:
1. Delay the actual Key-on for the Part (this is typically done at the Element level of editing).
2. Use an Effect processor with 0 Dry Level (only the effect return)

Do you need multiple repeats (use the Effect) or just a delayed one-shot (edit the Elements)?
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Hello, Bad Mister. Thanks for reply. I managed to find out You're the big legend here :) Well, first I tested Effects --> Ctrl Delay and D<W63 with low delay time - it was quite satisfying but next I found KeyOnDelay setting, and in this case it's perfect for me.
Bad Mister
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