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  4. Tuesday, 02 February 2021
Is there any chance that Yamaha can come out with a couple of warm organ samples in a future OS update for the CP88? I know this keyboard is "piano centric" but I'd like to find a nice organ tone that I could layer underneath the piano from time to time. I've tried coming up with something on my own and can't get it work. I LOVE Yamaha products but the organ samples on the CP88 are awful. I've owned a CP300 for years now and that keyboard has a sample called Jazz Organ which is not overpowering and really warm particualrly around the middle of the keyboard. It sounds great layered about 50% under the Grand Piano 1 sample. Maybe you could come up with just a couple of nice organ tones in a future OS update, or can someone recommend something via Soundmondo? Thank you.
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I had the same “problem”. So I bought the Reface YC “on top” and control it from the CP88. For me, this was the best option. And I really like the other organ models the Reface offers. If you’re lucky, you can buy one for a couple hundred bucks.

Would’ve loved more classic organ samples in the CP88 though, like a Whiter Shade 6886, or a basic Booker T 8888 setting. When I do this on the Reface, the sound is spot on.
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Luuc - I found a really great "Whiter Shade" organ performance for the CP88 connecting to Sound Mondo. There is an organ performance called Perc Organ by Ruud REZ that comes really close to the original sound. They used a warm Hammond sample and added a Xylophone in the advanced settings to give it some realistic attack. Very close to the "Whiter Shade" sound. Adding the Xylophone was really creative.
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Haha, thanks! I found it! Very creative indeed. :D

It reminds me of how I tried to sculpt the Dire Straits Walk of Life lead sound. Originally, this sound is a combination of two synthesizers (DX1 + Synclavier if I'm not mistaken). The chorale Hammond part was played by the other keyboardist.

On the CP88, I tried to recreate the whole setup:

Layer in the right part for the lead riff = Draw organ 1 with chorus + Syn lead 2
The left hand plays the chorale part with a Draw organ 1 on rotary

Uploaded it on Soundmondo, if anyone's interested in the patch. Also, you're very welcome to make suggestions to make it better haha!
  1. https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/75270
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