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  4. Thursday, 06 August 2020
Is there an app that can be used to record a song performance with the CP88? I do not own, and not good using recording software like Pro Tools so I'm looking for something simple that I can record a song as a wav file and share with my band mates via Drop Box or You Tube. The old CP4 use to have a simple recording function (straight to a thumb drive) but the new CP88 does not. Thanks.
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Appreciate both replies. I'll check out Audacity, but I just downloaded the Cloud Audio Recorder. The app looks much easier for me and closer to what I was looking for. Thank you very much!
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Bad Mister
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Link to App information — Yamaha Cloud Audio Recorder

This may or may not be available in your particular part of the world, but this is an iOS compatible App that together with a Lightning-USB-Camera-Adapter and a standard USB cable, you can create .wav file — you can post directly to SoundCloud and share with the world. The App, when connected via USB, allows direct recording. It is also possible to use the host device’s built in mic (if available), but direct recording via USB gives better results.
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For recording software, Audacity is free and pretty easy to use.
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