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  4. Tuesday, 27 October 2020
I saw a You Tube video where you can have a particular performance open up when you turn the CP88 on. For instance I have my own C7 piano sound that is on page 18 that I'd like to have open and not have to scroll through to find it. I did the new OS update and reloaded my custom sounds to different pages and would like to re-assign. I can't find the video and forget how to do this. Can you please share the way to save a certain sound to open when the unit is turned on? I'll write it down this time!!!! Thank you.
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Bad Mister
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Press [MENU]
Turn the Select/Enter Knob to highlight “Control Panel”
Press to select it
Turn the Select/Enter Knob to highlight “System Settings”
Press to select it
Highlight “Power On Sound” and select it

Use the Knob to select the Live Set “Page” and “Slot” (if not currently selected) the program listed at the top of the screen will be the one you’d ike to power up to... the current Power On selection (the one that will be replaced) appears at the bottom.
Press to Enter your selection.
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