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  1. Jamie
  2. CP4/40
  3. Friday, 12 February 2021
Hi I'm trying to assign the sliders on the left with Spitfire Audio sample library through Logic Studio so I can control two elements - dynamics (on one slider) and expression (on the other). There seems to be a problem though - you can only assign one of them to either expression or dynamics individually or ALL of the sliders control both of them at once! I can’t assign an individual slider to dynamics and an individual slider to expression. This seems crazy! Is there something in the settings on the CP4 I need to change that so that the three sliders on the left all work as individual sliders which can be assigned to individual midi functions and work simultaneously? See screenshot. You will see TWO tall thin slider controls (dynamics and expression). I need one of the CP4 sliders to control one of those and another of the sliders to control the other. So far I can only get one CP4 slider to control one of them or both together at the same time (they move together simultaneously when you move just one slider!). Hope this is clear! Thanks for your help!
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