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  3. Tuesday, 19 October 2021
Subject: CP33 Master mode sys ex data send / dump backup
How does one send the CP33's fourteen Master mode setups to a sequencer program? Toward the bottom of page 30 in the manual, it says it's possible to do it but, unless I'm missing something, the procedure isn't documented anywhere in the manual. Keep in mind that I'm concerned only with backing up my Master mode data. I've successfully done the F7.6 "Initial Setup Send" that is clearly explained on page 40 of the manual—but which is also curiously missing from the list of functions on page 49. (The list stops at F7.5) That function works fine but it sends very little data. It appears to only be the panel settings for the simple, normal playing mode—not data for all fourteen Master mode setups. (I believe you have to exit Master mode to execute that dump.) I'll attach a jpg of data from such a dump...

Back when Yamaha was still selling this instrument, I wasn't using the master mode much at all. I would only need about 3 or 4 setups every couple months for an orchestra, so doing that manually was no problem. Now I'm getting 30+ songs a week thrown at me by rock bands so I now need access to that sys ex dump feature alluded to on page 30. It almost seems like the manual was sent to the printers just before sys ex dumps were fully implemented by Yamaha's engineers; like they hadn't quite gotten to implementing the master-mode dumps yet. Is there an undocumented feature or am I overlooking something in the manual? Very frustrating! Yamaha manuals are generally pretty good in my experience.
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Sorry, goes back beyond my recall buffer. You may want to contact your regional Yamaha Customer Support. They may be able to look that up for you.

[F0H] -> [43H] -> [2nH] -> [7FH] -> [05H] -> [33H] -> [00H] -> [00H] -> [F7H] — “Master Settings Bulk” page 53

F0 43 20 7F 05 33 00 00 F7 sent to the CP33 via MIDI from your sequencer will make a Request for your CP33 to Bulk Dump its Master Settings… the “Master” function button must be On. Place this message on a Track set to receive/record the CP33 response.

Sorry, I don’t have a CP33 to test this on, so just going by the documentation and an educated guess.

Since each of the 14 Program buttons can store Master settings, it is likely that when Master is lit, the data (of the selected program) should be Output with settings that concern that Voice location.

Let us know.
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