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  1. Eyal
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  4. Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Is the CP1 for the XF adds anything to the Montage? are the samples included anyhow, or will these be different?
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Hi Eyal yes i loaded all of my Motif XS -XF- [XOA & X3A] Piano sound libraries like Cp 1 - Acoustic Grand Piano's Jamal - Bolder Piano's - American Grand -
Electric stage - K sounds Epic piano's - SR Classic Rock and others populair piano and also several Rhodes piano sound set libraries in the montage to create a full all piano rhodes sounds live set . and i must say these motif piano sets sounds better on the montage then on the motif all sounds and specially the new Synthogy
American Grand exspension [X3A] piano library haves a awesome sounds , and sounds even way better then the Bosendorfer piano original montage [ X7L] library
so i do not know if there in the future also original montage piano versions of all the available motif piano sound libraries will be published ?? to can make
a comparison on the piano sound sets ???. How ever i'm happy with the sound quality sure when do some edits and combine div piano;s performances ..!! :) :o :)
grts Ron
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Hi the CP1 released for Motif XF is not on Montage.

Not sure you can load it, if i remember fine, samples used a dedicate "encoding" who protect this Yamaha sound bank to be loaded/converted in other gear than Motif XF.

i was using on Motif Xf all Ksounds piano bank and the Yamaha CP1.
On Montage i do not load any of them, simply very happy with the CFX and the Bosendorfer, no need more to my taste.
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