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  4. Tuesday, 24 September 2019
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The update has taken over 48 hours so far...

This is an extremely frustrating situation as I am a professional music director and keyboard player and this update taking this long has interfered with my performances.

A time estimate for the update NEEDS to be included in the ReadMe file.
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  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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Bad Mister
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The update takes about 10 minutes maximum. The 1.20 Updater updates the firmware and adds new Wave data. The screen indicates the progress by showing the segments installed and counting the percentage of that segment.

The firmware itself in the first segment, then it keeps count over the number of Wave segments out of 19 it is loading... there is a percentage count that goes from 0% to 100% for the firmware and for each of the 19 Wave segments. Then “Completed” appears.

What does your screen read?
You can call Customer Support, they can walk you through the process over the phone.
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  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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Hi, i have made a video in French subtitle in English about this update for my site Moessieurs, i cut of course all the update process too long for users to see all waveforms updating , as i write in subtitle it take 11 minutes from OS 1.10 to OS 1.20 :

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  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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