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  1. Glenn
  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
  3. Saturday, 21 March 2020
Could we request and have the Yamaha folks who demo’d the CP to share their live sets in Soundmondo. I’ve seen a couple from Blake (thank you sir). I tried recreating one of Katsu Ujiie sound from a youtube video and posted my version.

Their demos and presentation helped in our decision to purchase the CP. We got inspired and loved the sounds.

It will be awesome if we can have them in our CPs, learn from how the live sets were built and make our own versions based on what we got from them.

Thanks :D
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Hi Glenn,

I've posted quite a few of mine but I'll ping Ujiie and some of the other guys and get them to post as well. I'll put a few more up asap.

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