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  1. Omar
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Thursday, 26 September 2019
Regarding the new sounds introduced in the CP88, are those available on the montage as well?

Referencing the attached demo.
  1. https://yamahasynth.com/ask-a-question/forums/legacy-yamaha-synths
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Your link didn't work for me. However, the CP88 has a different set of samples (before and also after the CP update) that Montage has never had.

The latest Montage update adds zero new samples.

In order to have CP sounds not yet in Montage, they would have to release a new library or have a firmware update with new samples.
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  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
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copy that, thanks for the insight.

try this link though you answered my question anyway.

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