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  4. Friday, 11 June 2021
I would like to modify the CP80 Performance so that the intensity of the Auto Pan effect can be modified by, for instance, the Ribbon. I have tried modifying various settings on the parameters page for Insertion Effect B, but I have not found anything that modifies the intensity of the Auto Pan effect.

Is there a way to do this?

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You want "InsB L/R Dpt" (L/R depth) probably. Already the depth is adjusted with the mod wheel. The mod wheel changes both the speed and intensity of the auto pan effect (Insertion Effect B).

The Performance "CP80", to me, doesn't change much when I use the ribbon. So I didn't care about the assignments there already. I just left them alone since I couldn't tell a big difference with the ribbon full right (127) full left (0) or in the middle (64). The ribbon is set to reset when you let go (back to 64) which may not be what you want.

I added a new destination to the ribbon controller - setup the curve as bipolar so it subtracts and adds. I didn't find that the stock depth was extreme enough. I used a standard curve so it was just a ramp from negative values up to high values - so full-left on the ribbon lowers the intensity, full-right adds more to the intensity, and in the middle (when I let go - since I didn't change the reset property of the ribbon) it makes no change to the intensity vs. whatever the Performance would have done previous.

As a reminder - the destination parameter is "InsB L/R Dpt". Even though another controller, the mod wheel, already has it as a destination - you can also set the ribbon. When there are multiple destinations that are the same - the result is the sum of all offsets applied to the programmed parameter value.
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Thanks, Jason.

I tried manually modifying the L/R Depth parameter on the screen I posted the image of, but that had no effect. I guess InsB L/R Dpt must be a different parameter.

How did you find the correct parameter? Was it by looking through the parameter popup menus on the Control Assign page?

I wish they had put that parameter on the page I posted. That would have been a useful hint, and they had 11 empty slots they could have used.
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I first navigated to the screen you show - Part 1's "Effects" -> "InsB" screen. Then touched "L/R Depth" then pressed [CONTOL ASSIGN] then slid across the ribbon controller and finally edited the curve as described.

When manually adjusting "L/R Depth" - it does the right thing. The programmed value of L/R Depth starts at 0 and when manually adjusting the parameter between 1 and maybe 25 - it's difficult to hear any change. 100 and above is easy to hear and 127 can't be ignored. I tested with mod wheel all the way "down" - which is the default for the Performance - and places "L/R Depth" at the smallest offset (an offset of 0) per the other assignment for "L/R Depth" which involves the mod wheel. If you have the modwheel rolled forward more - then the modwheel will add to the intensity (and speed) on its own so even smaller values of the actual "L/R Depth" parameter by manual edit will be obvious.
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That cleared it all up for me. Thanks for all of your help!

What was making it hard for me to figure out was that the mod wheel was also altering the L/R Depth. You mentioned that in your first response, but I was incapable of absorbing everything all at once.
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Glad I could help.

The flexibility of the system allows for interesting things. I use double-destination assignments myself for different reasons. Realizing you can do this provides more dimensions to control but also makes the discovery process more complex.
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